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Power-Start 1224HD - 12V & 24V 2 x 22AH, 700/700CCA

Ideally suited for mixed fleets of 12V and 24V vehicles. Due to the unique switch arrangement both b..

£745.14 Ex Tax: £620.95

Power-Start 1224HD - 12V & 24V x 26AH, 1100/1100CCA

Designed specifically for 24V Heavy-Duty use but with the added capability of 12V starts. Especially..

£1,390.74 Ex Tax: £1,158.95

Power-Start 50mm Cowbell Connector For Power-Start HD'S

Manufactured from high quality welding grade cable Fully insulated cowbell connection For use on bus..

£265.14 Ex Tax: £220.95

Power-Start 700 - 12V, 16AH, 700CCA

The most popular unit as used by, amongst others, the UKs leading national recovery operator, for mu..

£403.14 Ex Tax: £335.95

Power-Start 800 - 12V, 2 x 17AH, 800CCA

The ultimate 12V starting solution for repetitive starts on even the heaviest 12V vehicles. Polarity..

£645.54 Ex Tax: £537.95