Sunoco 20L Fuel Jug with Ripper Neck

Sunoco 20L Fuel Jug with Ripper Neck

The Sunoco Fuel Jug is manufactured from chemical-resistant high-density polyethylene – designed to withstand the roughest treatment:

Capacity: 20L (5.2 US Gallon approx)

  • Tri-ribbed bottom provides strength and doubles as a multi-grip pouring handle.
  • Fluid level markings in both litres and US gallons.
  • Dual bands on the body prevent swelling to maintain the accuracy of the fluid level markings.
  • Every jug has undergone inspection and pressure testing.
  • Available in red, white, blue, pink, yellow and black

The ripper neck cap contains a spring loaded valve to prevent spills and will automatically stop dispensing when the fuel level reaches the breather tube in the neck. The ripper neck is self-venting and includes a seal to prevent vapour escaping.

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