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0.8M x 5kg Wire

0.8M x 5kg Wire..

Ex Tax: £29.13

3M Euro Torch

Technical Specification:Rating: 180A Co2 / 150A Mixed Gases @ 60% Duty Cycle EN60974-7, Wire Size: 0..

Ex Tax: £56.63

Argon Regulator

Technical Specification:Argon: 300 Bar, Max Outlet Pressure: 35 lpm flow..

Ex Tax: £33.29

Auto Star MIG 160

Highly portable compact MIG welderTakes 5kg wire spools 0.6 - 0.8mmIdeal for the bodyshop and automo..

Ex Tax: £633.29

Auto Star TIG AC/DC

High quality IGBT inverter for reliable professional use in TIG and MMAAC and DC output with pulse +..

Ex Tax: £1,344.13

Large View Welding Helmet (9-13) Flame Design

Lightweight nylon shell with high gloss finish paint and flame decals premium longitudinal adjust ra..

Ex Tax: £121.14

Leather Premium Gold Welders Gauntlet

Premium cow split leather Double Kevlar® stitched Reinforced palm & thumb Fully lined and fully ..

Ex Tax: £7.95

MIG Euro 200 Package

The Eurostar MIG 200 with its powerful output is a rugged machine suitable for heavy use in a car re..

Ex Tax: £874.13


MIG/MMA welding power source with high duty cycle for professional usersMIG welding 0.6 - 0.8mm wire..

Ex Tax: £1,006.63

Multifunction Portable Spotter

Extremely versatile, it is the ideal equipment for repairs in car body shopsSingle-spot weld rivets,..

Ex Tax: £1,624.96

Optional Trolley For B-W-3460N

Technical Specification:Compatible with B-W-3460N..

Ex Tax: £274.96

Texas Leather Welders Apron

High quality leather 1.3mm thick split cow hide Kevlar® stitched Leather strap with plastic buckle S..

Ex Tax: £18.95

TIG Torch

Technical Specification:Rating: 150A DC, 115A AC @ 60% Duty Cycle EN60974-7 0.5mm to 3.2mm Electrode..

Ex Tax: £64.96

Welding Helmet (9-13) BOXO Branded

Lightweight Nylon ShellZinc Plated..

Ex Tax: £52.95