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R Plastic Siphon Pump

This fuel pump is designed to be used in all sizes of drums – you just cut the tube to the correct l..

£19.68 Ex Tax: £16.40

Sunoco 20L Fuel Jug

The Sunoco Fuel Jug manufactured from chemical-resistant high-density polyethylene – designed to wit..

£35.94 Ex Tax: £29.95

Sunoco 20L Fuel Jug with Ripper Neck

The Sunoco Fuel Jug is manufactured from chemical-resistant high-density polyethylene – designed to ..

£57.00 Ex Tax: £47.50

SUNOCO 260 GT PLUS Unleaded Race Fuel

The highest octane rating of any unleaded racing fuel in the Sunoco range additionally will all..

£138.30 Ex Tax: £115.25

SUNOCO E100 Racing Alcohol Race Fuel

Where regulations allow, running E100 in high power output engines has a number of advantages.It’s h..

£223.80 Ex Tax: £186.50

SUNOCO E85 Racing Alcohol Race Fuel

E85 R consistently contain 85% ethanol due to it’s precise blending.Conventional E85 can range from ..

£120.30 Ex Tax: £100.25

SUNOCO FR Unleaded Race Fuel

SUNOCO FR (E10) is a high quality unleaded racing fuel designed for more power and throttle response..

£126.30 Ex Tax: £105.25

SUNOCO MaxNos Leaded Race Fuel

Designed for competition engines using nitrous oxide injection systems. Formulated to achieve signif..

£162.00 Ex Tax: £135.00

SUNOCO Methanol Racing Alcohol Race Fuel

The Sunoco racing methanol is produced to the highest standards possible. Its purity normally exceed..

£95.10 Ex Tax: £79.25

SUNOCO R5SR+ Leaded Race Fuel

R 5SR+ is a leaded racing fuel especially blended for historic race engines.Designed to provide..

£117.90 Ex Tax: £98.25

SUNOCO R6SR Leaded Race Fuel

R 6SR is a leaded racing fuel designed for performance engine applications that need high quality an..

£122.70 Ex Tax: £102.25

SUNOCO RTC Unleaded Race Fuel

R TC is blended for turbo engines with it’s anti-knock ingredients to resist high cylinder pressures..

£126.30 Ex Tax: £105.25

SUNOCO Supreme Leaded Race Fuel

A high octane, high quality leaded fuel designed exclusively for competition use.Formulated for raci..

£140.70 Ex Tax: £117.25